Friday, September 22, 2006

Guest Poster: Master Yoda - Thankful You Should Be

To my attention it has come that posting comments few of you are. Blame myself I do. Read Clayburn's official web log daily I do, but post a comment I do not. However, decided I have that posting comments I will start. Expect you can that intelligent and wisdomful they will be (Yes! A word wisdomful is. Coined by me, moments ago, it was).

To allow me to post my own topics, Clayburn has decided. Know what to post about I do not! Meditate on it I will.

In the future great things you will see. As forgiving as Clayburn, I am not. Force powers I have and use them I will if comment you do not!

From Clayburn this is:

I can't start posting on weekends yet, so don't expect a post until Monday.

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