Saturday, October 07, 2006

Guest Poster: Master Yoda - Frustrated I am!

Told I would be a guest poster I was. But not the only guest poster I would be I did not understand. Working hard on my next post I have been and let Robocop guest post Clayburn did!

Robocop! Hmph! Knows not the ways of the Jedi does he. Impossible for him to think it is. No more than a Clone Trooper, Robocop is. Listen to a Clone Trooper would you? Respect them, do you?

Laws, the only thing Robocop cares about is. Laws...hmph! Manmade are they. Only one law there is. The Force. A powerful thing the Force is. Behoove you it would to have it on your side.

On Clayburn's side, the Force is not! Very upset and frustrated I am. Like me when I'm frustrated, you would not. A talk with Clayburn I decided to have.

To him I went. "Why allow Robocop to post did you?"

"Well, Yoda."

"Say what did you?"

"I'm sorry. Master Yoda."

"Yes! Better that is. Train 800 years to be called Yoda I did not!"

"Well, the thing is you take a long time to finish a post."

"Much thinking I put into it! And try you should to type with three fingers."

"Fingers?" A threatening look I gave him. "Oh, those things."

"Fingers these are! And powerful they are. Hurt you badly a Force Slap would!"

After much debate, him to agree that the most important guest poster I am, I got. Satisfied I am not! The only guest poster I should be. Afraid I am that more idiotic than Robocop guest posters to come will be. And very idiotic is Robocop. See him trying to remove a refrigerator magnet from himself I did. Hours later give up did he. Remove it for him I had to.

Hurt my self-esteem has become. But a plan I have. Call the others 'Guest Guest Posters' I will!

1 comment:

Robocop said...

Force Slaps are illegal, Master Yoda. I'll keep my eye on you.

And it's not my fault magnets stick to me!