Friday, October 13, 2006

Guest Poster: Master Yoda - Know Force, Know Peace...

"Know Force, Know Peace. No Force, No Peace." - Jedi Master Yoshi

A wonderful quote that is. With the Force many claim to be. Yet war we still have. Be how can this?

Not by mouth only can you live the Force's will. Required is action.

Too often, people I see, claim to be with the Force they do, yet evil acts they commit. Fear they have. Much fear. If said it once I have, said it a million times I have, the path to the darkside fear is.

Fear what do they? Fear change. Fear differences. Fear loss. Fear Teletubbies, some do.

Makes people angry, fear does. To attack their fear all they want is. Grows inside them resentment does. Into hatered it grows. Good for nobody that is!

Hurts everyone hatred does. One's own self the biggest victim is.

Afraid I am that on the path to the Dark Side today's youth are. Angry that makes me. Hate left-wing, secularists I do. There fault it is! Suffer for their injustices they will. In the Netherworld of the Force they will burn.

Only through the Force, inner-harmony can you find. At peace you will be. Like me you will become. As wise, perhaps not. But try you should!

Your life you must give to the Force. Its bidding you must do. Eat Oreos you cannot! Want that the Force does not. Kill others, thou shalt not, except with lightsaber.

Spread the Force into people's hearts we must! Of the children think. Want them suffering do you? Join the Dark Side will they. Pain will they find.

Say what do you? Worried you are not? Afraid for our children's sake, you are not? You will will be! If come to my Sunday Sermon you do.

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