Thursday, November 04, 2004

Decision 2008!

The 2004 elections are finally over and I'm ready to make my predictions for 2008.

The Candidates:
Condoleeza Rice, Republican Nominee for President
Rudolph Giuliani, Republican Nominee for Vice President

Hillary Clinton, Democratic Nominee for President
John Kerry, Democratic Nominee for Vice President.

The analysis:
Condoleeza Rice - With a strong showing for Bush, it's clear that the Republican party will need to run a strong Conservative. It's also important that the candidate be tough on Terror and able to protect our nation. Rice served under President Bush as the National Security Advisor and has the experience needed. She also has a strong resolve and tough attitude (not to mention she's a genius!).

Rudolph Giuliani - He has a tremendous amount of support among moderates and Liberals, helping the Republican party win over undecided voters and those leaning Democrat. He is not Conservative enough to be the Republican nominee for President, but he has enough popularity and nation-wide appeal to complement Rice. He will be a huge help in fund raising and has a great media presence.

Hillary Clinton - Clinton is adored by Liberals and the Democratic Party. President Bill Clinton has been the most popular Democratic President since Kennedy and Hillary can use him as a vital fund raiser. She also has a tough attitude and can, unlike Kerry, prove herself to be tough on Terrorists, something Democrats will have to have in their nominee.

John Kerry - He spent millions campaigning and had a good showing against Bush. His weak points were on morality and Terrorism. With him as VP, he'll be able to give Clinton a large portion of his 2004 supporters. He'll also lend his war veteran status to the Democratic campaign.

The results:
I think Clinton and Kerry are the Democrats' best candidates they have to offer, but they will not be able to beat the powerhouse of Condi and Rudy.

Condoleeza Rice and Rudloph Giuliani will win the 2008 Presidential Elections!

(To Dr. Rice: If Karl Rove is tired and feels like sitting '08 out, give me a call.)

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Jurassic Park IV

You may have heard that Jurassic park IV is coming out in 2005. Steven Spielberg said he has an idea for the next one. It supposedly will star Sam Neill AND Jeff Goldblum and possibly Keira Knightley. This will most likely be about a prehistoric disease brought back through the cloning of dinosaurs.

However, I have had a plot in mind after The Lost World. Originally, I planned for this being Jurassic Park III, then Jurassic Park IV, but now it seems the Jurassic Park legacy will come to an end in IV.

My plot starred Garth Brooks as an essentric Texas billionaire that buys the Dinosaur genes from a bankrupt InGen. He then builds a large square building with a dino habitat in the middle and begins raising genetically altered Velociraptors. His plan is to make tame and safe Raptors to sell as pets along with brand name Raptor food and supplies. He hires Jeff Goldblum and Sam Neill as consultants. They arrive at the complex and live there. The Raptors end up becoming extremely intelligent and literally plot an escape. Well, everything goes badly and humans try to survive, most die, and the dinosaurs need to be contained or killed.