Friday, August 25, 2006

I Condemn Thee to Hades

We live in a society that values judgment. I think there are several factors. Perhaps the biggest is religion. All of the Abrahamic Religions have a distinct idea of Good versus Bad. In these religions you are taught to see things mostly black and white. You're encouraged to do good, and taught what is bad. These bad things, which are restricted of you, can easily become a part of your Shadow, or unconscious self. If you at some point desire to do something deemed Bad, you tell yourself not to do it. The desire is still within you, but you have repressed it. Then, when that element of your Shadow is seen within someone else, you attack it. Many people are familiar with the concept of Homophobia. This idea correlates to it in that people who tend to be Homophobes most likely had a homosexual experience or desire or thought which they considered to be wrong, thereby forgeting about it altogther and locking it away inside their unconscious. When they see homosexuals, they project the hatred for the "wrong" within themselves onto the homosexual person.

People who grow up in these kinds of societies have a strong need to be seen as Good and convince themselves they are Good. They do this by repressing everything wrong with them. They cannot accept wrong in others, which of course leads to intolerance and bigotry.

Here's a quote from my Crazy Christian Aunt:
"On the contrary, I do not view Islam as a myth. It is a very real lie, perpetuated by the god of this world.
It is the evil side of the war between good and evil that began in the Garden of Eden."

This war between good and evil is what seperates the western religions, and philosophies, from the eastern ones. In the west, duality means one side against the other. In the east, duality means balance and harmony.

Religion is typically the highest priority of ones life, at least when they must show a priority. The actual top priority isn't probably religion, but when asked, it is wrong to say so. Religion is primarily a tool to help portray an image. By being on God's side, one's character becomes untouchable and unquestionable. Whatever someone says about them, whatever they think about themselves, it can be washed away by the fact they're still right. It's the need to be on the Good and Right side of the war that brings people into fighting so hard for their side, especially in religion.

We're taught to fight for what we believe in, but what we believe in cannot be destroyed. It is within us and we carry it with us.

Our society goes further into dividing people with regard to race, financial status, political parties and so much more. The Western idea is that you find a side, and you embody that side. It causes hatred for the opposition and there is no harmony. In order to be a good Republican, one must despise Democratic ideals and tune out their "insane propaganda".

Christians, Muslims, Blacks and Whites are all humans. And they have value as such. It's for this reason that we should have Unconditional Positive Regard for each other.

Friday, August 18, 2006

Ask Clayburn

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Friday, August 04, 2006

Photo Caption Contest #2

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