Thursday, December 02, 2004

MiShae's Quinceanera

For the Thanksgiving holiday I went down to Mexico for my sister's quinceanera. My parents arrived on the weekend before, but I had school so I got there on Wednesday. The quinceanera was on Saturday.

I had an amazing time down there. I had been to Mexico four years ago and stayed there three months. A few things had changed, but not too much. Even though I was there for only six days, it felt like I had been there a month or more.

The people there are really nice. They are my mom's aunt and all of her children and grandchildren. The rest of the people in the town are nice too. That was in Santa Maria de Cuevas. In a nearby town, Santa Rosalia, my grandma has a house. Her side of the family is from there.

In Santa Maria, I saw a little girl that I had vaguely remembered from four years ago. She looked exactly like she did then and still acted the same. Four years ago, she was always happy and smiling and would giggle when I looked at her. She did the same thing last week. Her name is Nallely I taught her to play hacky sack and she was actually very good for her age. She also had an amazing arm on her. We would play catch and she threw the hack all the way across the dance room and sometimes it would be too high for me to reach. She and a friend of hers spent a lot of time with MiShae and Adriana. They rode the four-wheeler a lot. I got to drive it some too. Nallely was the Bubble Girl at the quinceanera. Adriana, MiShae and I started calling her Bubble Girl, I'm not sure whether or not she knew we were. She got to wear a little white dress and hand out bubbles to everyone coming out of the church to blow bubbles onto MiShae with.

I'm working on a slideshow of the trip, but I don't have all the pictures with me here. The link will be here when I get it.