Thursday, December 02, 2004

MiShae's Quinceanera

For the Thanksgiving holiday I went down to Mexico for my sister's quinceanera. My parents arrived on the weekend before, but I had school so I got there on Wednesday. The quinceanera was on Saturday.

I had an amazing time down there. I had been to Mexico four years ago and stayed there three months. A few things had changed, but not too much. Even though I was there for only six days, it felt like I had been there a month or more.

The people there are really nice. They are my mom's aunt and all of her children and grandchildren. The rest of the people in the town are nice too. That was in Santa Maria de Cuevas. In a nearby town, Santa Rosalia, my grandma has a house. Her side of the family is from there.

In Santa Maria, I saw a little girl that I had vaguely remembered from four years ago. She looked exactly like she did then and still acted the same. Four years ago, she was always happy and smiling and would giggle when I looked at her. She did the same thing last week. Her name is Nallely I taught her to play hacky sack and she was actually very good for her age. She also had an amazing arm on her. We would play catch and she threw the hack all the way across the dance room and sometimes it would be too high for me to reach. She and a friend of hers spent a lot of time with MiShae and Adriana. They rode the four-wheeler a lot. I got to drive it some too. Nallely was the Bubble Girl at the quinceanera. Adriana, MiShae and I started calling her Bubble Girl, I'm not sure whether or not she knew we were. She got to wear a little white dress and hand out bubbles to everyone coming out of the church to blow bubbles onto MiShae with.

I'm working on a slideshow of the trip, but I don't have all the pictures with me here. The link will be here when I get it.

Thursday, November 04, 2004

Decision 2008!

The 2004 elections are finally over and I'm ready to make my predictions for 2008.

The Candidates:
Condoleeza Rice, Republican Nominee for President
Rudolph Giuliani, Republican Nominee for Vice President

Hillary Clinton, Democratic Nominee for President
John Kerry, Democratic Nominee for Vice President.

The analysis:
Condoleeza Rice - With a strong showing for Bush, it's clear that the Republican party will need to run a strong Conservative. It's also important that the candidate be tough on Terror and able to protect our nation. Rice served under President Bush as the National Security Advisor and has the experience needed. She also has a strong resolve and tough attitude (not to mention she's a genius!).

Rudolph Giuliani - He has a tremendous amount of support among moderates and Liberals, helping the Republican party win over undecided voters and those leaning Democrat. He is not Conservative enough to be the Republican nominee for President, but he has enough popularity and nation-wide appeal to complement Rice. He will be a huge help in fund raising and has a great media presence.

Hillary Clinton - Clinton is adored by Liberals and the Democratic Party. President Bill Clinton has been the most popular Democratic President since Kennedy and Hillary can use him as a vital fund raiser. She also has a tough attitude and can, unlike Kerry, prove herself to be tough on Terrorists, something Democrats will have to have in their nominee.

John Kerry - He spent millions campaigning and had a good showing against Bush. His weak points were on morality and Terrorism. With him as VP, he'll be able to give Clinton a large portion of his 2004 supporters. He'll also lend his war veteran status to the Democratic campaign.

The results:
I think Clinton and Kerry are the Democrats' best candidates they have to offer, but they will not be able to beat the powerhouse of Condi and Rudy.

Condoleeza Rice and Rudloph Giuliani will win the 2008 Presidential Elections!

(To Dr. Rice: If Karl Rove is tired and feels like sitting '08 out, give me a call.)

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Jurassic Park IV

You may have heard that Jurassic park IV is coming out in 2005. Steven Spielberg said he has an idea for the next one. It supposedly will star Sam Neill AND Jeff Goldblum and possibly Keira Knightley. This will most likely be about a prehistoric disease brought back through the cloning of dinosaurs.

However, I have had a plot in mind after The Lost World. Originally, I planned for this being Jurassic Park III, then Jurassic Park IV, but now it seems the Jurassic Park legacy will come to an end in IV.

My plot starred Garth Brooks as an essentric Texas billionaire that buys the Dinosaur genes from a bankrupt InGen. He then builds a large square building with a dino habitat in the middle and begins raising genetically altered Velociraptors. His plan is to make tame and safe Raptors to sell as pets along with brand name Raptor food and supplies. He hires Jeff Goldblum and Sam Neill as consultants. They arrive at the complex and live there. The Raptors end up becoming extremely intelligent and literally plot an escape. Well, everything goes badly and humans try to survive, most die, and the dinosaurs need to be contained or killed.

Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Presidential Prediction

I believe George Bush will win and this is what I'm predicting:

Bush: 264 and Kerry: 269 before New Mexico's 5 votes.

Bush: 269 and Kerry: 269 after New Mexico's 5 votes.

A tie would take it to the House of Representatives and Republicans outnumber Democrats, so Bush will win. This is what I hope happens, but most likely Bush will win taking Iowa, Ohio and Florida (unlike my predictions) giving Bush a total of 296 electoral votes and 52% of the Popular Vote.

Monday, October 25, 2004

My Ticket to the Tonight Show

One of these days I'll host the Tonight Show. I've been working on my comedy skills and here's some jokes I came up with earlier today.

Did you hear about John Edwards's wife? She told a supporter on Sunday that if Kerry and Edwards win, there won't be any riots.
After hearing that President Bush asked Kerry if he'd mind running for President in Iraq.

Vice President Cheney said today that he predicts Bush will win 52% to 47%.
Which leads some pundits to believe that the shot he got wasn't actually flu vaccine.

Oh and big news in Iraq. Apparently 380 tons of explosives are missing from a site near Baghdad. However, experts now believe that was just Michael Moore running off with 80 tons of firecrackers.

You may have heard that Bill Clinton is campaigning for Kerry while still recovering from heart surgery. Clinton says he's used to mixing work with beatiful, young cardiac nurses.

And President Bush said that the true history of his administration will be written 50 years from now.
John Kerry suggested we have a global history test first.

Embarassing news for Ashlee Simpson. Ashlee Simpson got caught lip-syncing on SNL a few nights ago. She didn't admit it though and instead blamed it on the band playing the "wrong song". The only person fooled was her sister, Jessica.

It's rumored that Yasser Arafat is going to a hospital. Palestinians deny that saying, quote, "He's not even wrapped with explosives."

Saturday, October 16, 2004

U2 Vertigo - Un, Dos, Tres, Catorce??

What the heck is up with U2's song Vertigo? Bono starts it by saying "un, dos, tres, catorce!" which is "one, two, three, fourteen!" And when counting out for opening a song, typically it's more proper to say "uno". Why 14? Some people I guess mistake it for four, but wouldn't a song by U2 get a little proofreading before they make a TV commercial using it? I hate hearing it, even if it was on purpose, imagine how ugly yelling out "a, two, three, fourteen!" is before a song.

Monday, September 13, 2004

Here's a thought...

There are a lot of beggars around Santa Fe. I guess it is because of the "bleeding-heart Liberals" that will give them money without a tought.

Anyway, an idea I had to supply the beggars with a plan of strategery is to beg politicians at photo-ops. This would work for anyone, all they'd have to do is show up where politicians are campaigning and wear ragged clothes and smell really bad, then make your way through the reporters and ask the politician for "a coupla bucks". He'd give you at least $10 and hold it for the cameras to see, or he might just punch you in the stomache and push you away while cursing your mother.

Friday, August 27, 2004

College Life

As crazy as it may seem I am in College. The only thing crazier is that it is in Santa Fe! So far the classes are okay and the people are nice, though at times peculiar. Fridays are no doubt the best. In the morning we do art projects and in the afternoon we watch movies.

Living on my own (in a campus apartment, woohoo!)
Friendly Students
Friendly Faculty
No class until 9:00
KASA Fox 2
Comedy Central
Free Cable and High-Speed Internet
Good Hack Players
Living in Santa Fe

Living in Santa Fe
Liberal Students
Liberal Faculty
Having to Wake Up by 9:00
Nobody to Clean House

Friday, July 16, 2004

My Days at LHS

My days at Lovington High School were much shorter than most people's. I hated school. To me it was a pointless waste of time. I admit I learned some good things though, however I could have easily learned them in less than 190 days a year.

I suppose I have always been inclined to be a bad student. In 4th grade we had Hall Patrols to make sure students didn't go back inside the school during recess. I along with David Reed constantly harassed the patrols who all acted extremely pretentious with their Hall Patrol badge and name-writing notebook.

I was always at an advantage against authorities. For one, I was in special education (the gifted one). Secondly, I had Asthma, which is a disease that most people don't know a thing about and can't tell whether you are suffering from it or not. In the Junior High, none of this helped as they were very strict, so I just wouldn't go to school.

When I entered high school, I was involved in several extracurricular activities. These included Mock Trial, Supercompuing Challenge, Science Fair, Key Club and other things. These are where the real education came from. Key Club taught me to care for the community and world and that we can help make a difference. Supercomputing Challenge taught me very limited computer programing, but it allowed me to meet lots of people. Boys' State was an awesome experience too. I think I'll have a post for Boys' State later.

So back to LHS. I skipped a lot. But missing school wasn't enough. I actually liked going and seeing my friends. But it was a pain going to Mr. Rall's class in the morning. Generally, school sucked for me.

I was able to get notes from various teachers to get out of class. Then I'd leave. I also found that I could go to my friends' classes and get them out of class too. We'd all take an early lunch and go to Pizza Hut. Eventually I got caught because I went to Tech Lab before leaving to get something and Mrs. Gray reported that she had seen me, and that I had left. So I had an attendance meeting. I skipped school 4th period on the day of my attendance meeting. And got kicked out of school. It was no problem though. I was still accepted to CSF and was able to take two completion tests (English and Economics. Score 95% and 83%) and get my diploma.

Now I'm finally through with LHS and going on to CSF. CSF seems like it will be great and I'm looking forward to going.

Wednesday, July 07, 2004

I have Gmail!

I have Gmail. It's the coolest email ever. Besides the 1 gig storage, its interface is awesome. The program delivers email instantly and refreshes with no problem. There is never any load time for bulky image ads. Some people say there is a privacy issue, but it's no problem. A computer program scans emails to display ads based on text in email messages. It's about the same technique SPAM blockers use. I've never actually noticed the ads though, but I think I'll start clicking them just to help Google out. I can't wait for Gmessenger and Gchat integrated with Blogger, Orkut, Froogle, Language Tools, Calculator and, of course, Google Search.

Thursday, June 24, 2004

Autopsy Report

Well, it, um, seems that the victim died of, of stab wounds. These wounds...appear to be from the same, um, knife indicating that, um, there wasn't two knives used in this murder. And if we knew who had possession...of the single the time it, um, penetrated her flesh, then um, that would be the murderer.

Monday, June 21, 2004

Newest Way Girls Get Out of Having to Talk to Me....

"my parent are redoin my bathroom so i am gonna see if they need any help"

I procrastinate, but I procrastinate well.

Yes, it's true. I'm a procrastinator. I waited until the last minute every day of my life. But it got my through school and on my way to college, so I'm not complaining. It was rumored I would come and shoot up the school, but of course I didn't. But could that mean I'd do it at my 20th class reunion*? I'm a procrastinator after all.

*No, I won't shoot anyone.

Monday, June 14, 2004

Things I like.....

Dino Riders
Dr. Pepper
My Religion
My Chihuahua
Family and Friends
Abe Lincoln
The 80s
Classic Rock
Game Shows
Fox News

My Life Story (Shortened Version)

I was born in 1987, the first of two children to Curtis and Alma Griffin. My mother worked as a store clerk at a local western wear store until she became pregnant with me. When I was first born, times were hard. My dad worked at the cemetery and attended the local Junior College. Eventually he got work with the city, something to do with the water. Sometime after my sister was born, my mom was employeed at the local electric cooperative as a receptionist. My dad completed his degree and was able to go to work for a contracting business in the drafting department. Due to the instability of the oil fields (a large customer for my dad's employers) he decided to take a job at the county road department. I was raised in Lovington, NM and still live there today. I just recently graduated from Lovington High School and plan on attending the College of Santa Fe. I will major in Film and hopefully get a minor in Political Science or maybe go for a dual major. One day I'll be a wealthy film maker and politician, as well as own lots of businesses.