Thursday, November 30, 2006

Horn Rimmed Glasses

Who's that man
In the big sexy glasses?
Hide your children
Cover your asses!

Mr. Bennet's his name
They're one and the same
A man of mystery

Some say he's a nerd
But he's got fly skills
It could be inferred
That sometimes he kills
One thing is certain
He's a freak-huntin' fool
And behind that curtain
Is a big Haitian tool

He'll hollow you out
And take everything
But try not to shout
It's just a mild sting

Who's that man
In the big sexy glasses?
Hide your children
Cover your asses!

His morals: questionable
You have been warned
Look out for large spectacles
With the rims horned
Primatech Paper Co
It's just a front
From where they undergo
His Hero hunt
Eden at his disposal
He's not afraid to use her
She'll make one proposal
And you won't refuse her

Try to understand him
He's not that bad
Behind the horned rims
There's a loving dad
Sylar wants to kill
His Miracle Grow girl
He can't sit still
And let that spit unfurl
He'll do what it takes
To protect his Claire Bear
He understands the stakes
Don't expect him to play fair

So let me proclaim
To the masses
Bennet's his name
Horn Rimmed Glasses!

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Heroes Spin-Offs

Well, the success of Heroes is obviously going to be huge. And you know what that means, spin-offs!

So which would you want to see?

Jessica Sanders in How I Possessed Your Mother. Niki was just a lonely Kindergarden teacher when her evil sister decided to possess her. Watch and laugh along as Jessica works toward gaining Niki's soul.

Gabriel "Sylar" Grey in My Name is Sylar. The story of a once evil psychopath who decides to make up for all the bad he's done. "Number 64 on my list, Hit Brian on the head with a rock crystal (and stole his brain)". He's turning his life around one good deed at a time. "Number 720, Impaled Mrs. Walker onto a stairwell (and stole her husband's brain)".

Matt Parkman in People Whisperer. Detective Parkman dedicates himself to a life of helping the living by telling them what others are thinking about them. "That guy over there thinks you have a big butt." But sometimes, the voices can be confusing. "Did he just wish for a donkey in fishnet stockings?"

Mr. Bennet in Touched by a Creepy Man in Horn Rimmed Glasses. Who's he working for? Primatech Paper Company, the Government, God? Nobody knows, but he's on a quest to forcibly assist ordinary people with extrordinary abilities. "You're very special. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise. Now, turn your head and cough. We just need to run some tests." Tune in and see this heart-warming tale of a real world angel with questionable motives.

Hiro Nakamura in Hiro, Texas Ranger. Goodbye Japan. Hello, Texas, where nobody is above the law and the law is Hiro. There's no fancy legal system in this show, just good old-fashioned butt-kickin. With the power to bend time and space, no criminal stands a chance. "My name is Hiro Nakamura. I've come to kick your butt!" Watch as time stands still and the cutest Texas Ranger ever hunts down the bad guys and deals out the pain.

Micah Sanders in Micah's Laboratory
Adam "The Haitian" Soo Hoo in Daze of our Lives
Ando in *Cancelled*
Heidi Petrelli in None and a Half Women
Ted Sprague in The Recent Bachelor
Claire Bennet in Claire: Warrior Cheerleader & Curb your Protoplasm
D.L. Hawkins in Prison Escape
Mohinder Suresh in According to Him
Peter Petrelli in So You Think You Can Fly
Nathan Petrelli in The West Wings
Isaac Mendez in The Six Dollar Man
Eden McCain in Who's the Boss Now?
Charlie in Not Saved by the Bell

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Radioactive Teddy Bear

Hey kids! Are you ready to have some fun?
What? I didn't hear you. Oh, you are?

Then don't despair. Bad guys beware!
It's the Radioactive Teddy Bear

He may be radioactive
And have too much hair
But he's a big friendly
Teddy Bear

Keep an eye on your indicator
And pray it stays green
Cuz this Teddy Bear is like a
Microwave diathermy machine

You may get cancer
And maybe lose your hair
But we'll all have fun hanging with
Radioactive Teddy Bear!

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Unbind Thee, Lest Ye Be Bound

I think I should mention a little something about Atheists.

My hypotenuse is that everyone wants to feel accepted.

Religion creates a system of right and wrong, and of course being wrong is wrong, which leads to rejection of one's soul to Hades. For someone who dismisses the notion of said location they still feel to have their soul, the essence of their self, judged and rejected by the person(s) who believes them to be Hellbound. Atheists have probably become more preachy against religion recently because in order for one to be accepted the acceptor cannot have a religion which would direct him to reject the Atheist.

Religion is a difficult parasite to remove, for the believer feels that his life is in jeopardy without it. It's this way that Religion has complete control over its followers. It manipulates them into believing it is the ultimate, and as such must be true, must be right, cannot be questioned and cannot be denied. To an Atheist this causes a great deal of frustration.

The Atheist operates without the blinding effects of Religion. Though other concepts may blind him, they aren't perceived as ultimate and a life necessity. The Atheist can see his life for what it is and choose what is right and wrong, who is right and wrong, on the basis of the object's/person's particular essence. An Atheist sees a believer as a fellow human and values them as such. Yet in return, the believer sees the Atheist as subpar, a deviant, someone to be wary of, if not avoid altogether. Atheists then become vocal about their own beliefs, but not to save their listeners from eternal damnation as believers purport to do. Their motivation is purely selfish in nature, and thereby honest. Rather than claim to care for a soul that isn't their own, or attempt to control, or even demean it, they simply wish to unbound it from its chains so that it might accept them as a fellow human.

They seek to remove your conditions so that they may be loved unconditionally.

Friday, November 03, 2006

Hmm...Where have I been?

My only reader, Randy, has noticed that I have not been posting daily. He seems to see this as reason to dismiss his own hiatus. However, I hope to get back to my daily posts. You can consider this a post for today. And with that little poem thingy from yesterday I've already started posting daily again!

Keep reading, or start reading I should say, and comment.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006


Look in the eyes of my soul
Past the skies of the deceased
With you my black heart of coal
Becomes the frightening beast
And tears through the entire Earth
Like bears do to gay campers
A spiritual rebirth
As my hardened heart shatters