Friday, July 16, 2004

My Days at LHS

My days at Lovington High School were much shorter than most people's. I hated school. To me it was a pointless waste of time. I admit I learned some good things though, however I could have easily learned them in less than 190 days a year.

I suppose I have always been inclined to be a bad student. In 4th grade we had Hall Patrols to make sure students didn't go back inside the school during recess. I along with David Reed constantly harassed the patrols who all acted extremely pretentious with their Hall Patrol badge and name-writing notebook.

I was always at an advantage against authorities. For one, I was in special education (the gifted one). Secondly, I had Asthma, which is a disease that most people don't know a thing about and can't tell whether you are suffering from it or not. In the Junior High, none of this helped as they were very strict, so I just wouldn't go to school.

When I entered high school, I was involved in several extracurricular activities. These included Mock Trial, Supercompuing Challenge, Science Fair, Key Club and other things. These are where the real education came from. Key Club taught me to care for the community and world and that we can help make a difference. Supercomputing Challenge taught me very limited computer programing, but it allowed me to meet lots of people. Boys' State was an awesome experience too. I think I'll have a post for Boys' State later.

So back to LHS. I skipped a lot. But missing school wasn't enough. I actually liked going and seeing my friends. But it was a pain going to Mr. Rall's class in the morning. Generally, school sucked for me.

I was able to get notes from various teachers to get out of class. Then I'd leave. I also found that I could go to my friends' classes and get them out of class too. We'd all take an early lunch and go to Pizza Hut. Eventually I got caught because I went to Tech Lab before leaving to get something and Mrs. Gray reported that she had seen me, and that I had left. So I had an attendance meeting. I skipped school 4th period on the day of my attendance meeting. And got kicked out of school. It was no problem though. I was still accepted to CSF and was able to take two completion tests (English and Economics. Score 95% and 83%) and get my diploma.

Now I'm finally through with LHS and going on to CSF. CSF seems like it will be great and I'm looking forward to going.

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