Saturday, November 04, 2006

Unbind Thee, Lest Ye Be Bound

I think I should mention a little something about Atheists.

My hypotenuse is that everyone wants to feel accepted.

Religion creates a system of right and wrong, and of course being wrong is wrong, which leads to rejection of one's soul to Hades. For someone who dismisses the notion of said location they still feel to have their soul, the essence of their self, judged and rejected by the person(s) who believes them to be Hellbound. Atheists have probably become more preachy against religion recently because in order for one to be accepted the acceptor cannot have a religion which would direct him to reject the Atheist.

Religion is a difficult parasite to remove, for the believer feels that his life is in jeopardy without it. It's this way that Religion has complete control over its followers. It manipulates them into believing it is the ultimate, and as such must be true, must be right, cannot be questioned and cannot be denied. To an Atheist this causes a great deal of frustration.

The Atheist operates without the blinding effects of Religion. Though other concepts may blind him, they aren't perceived as ultimate and a life necessity. The Atheist can see his life for what it is and choose what is right and wrong, who is right and wrong, on the basis of the object's/person's particular essence. An Atheist sees a believer as a fellow human and values them as such. Yet in return, the believer sees the Atheist as subpar, a deviant, someone to be wary of, if not avoid altogether. Atheists then become vocal about their own beliefs, but not to save their listeners from eternal damnation as believers purport to do. Their motivation is purely selfish in nature, and thereby honest. Rather than claim to care for a soul that isn't their own, or attempt to control, or even demean it, they simply wish to unbound it from its chains so that it might accept them as a fellow human.

They seek to remove your conditions so that they may be loved unconditionally.

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Anonymous said...

dude. i like. totally true. honest, logical perspective. awesome.