Tuesday, June 16, 2009

What is Character Blogging?

Have you ever noticed that some of your favorite (or not so favorite) fictional characters have a blog? How could this be? They're not even real!

Well, character blogging is a new fad on the Internet wherein a person writes a typical web log from the point of view, and in the style of, a fictional character. It's as though the character itself is keeping a blog.

Obviously, this isn't the case. But play along; it's called imagination.

Many new TV shows, such as The Office and Heroes, have officially-produced blogs for some of their characters. TV producers are often utilizing character blogging now to promote their own show. Some companies also use character blogs, such as Captain Morgan's blog.

However, most character blogs you'll find on the Internet are the creation of average, everyday people all over the world. Most are fans of a particular fictional Universe, such as Star Wars or X-Men, and parody or pay homage to it (and their favorite character) by blogging. Master Yoda's blog is an ideal example of this, and had become very popular during its year-long run.

Character blogging is not limited to those known fictional characters already in existence, but rather people are free to create their own character to blog as, from their own imagination. Often, the character is a superhero version of themselves, and sometimes placed into one of the established Universes where it can interact with wellknown characters from works of fiction.

You can find many examples of character blogging at Heroes United, a community and team blog where many unofficial and fantasy characters join together.


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Matt said...

It's possible to write a completely fictional character blog that exists entirely within its own universe, as opposed to those created by others.

I have one linked below which is satirical in nature.