Wednesday, July 07, 2004

I have Gmail!

I have Gmail. It's the coolest email ever. Besides the 1 gig storage, its interface is awesome. The program delivers email instantly and refreshes with no problem. There is never any load time for bulky image ads. Some people say there is a privacy issue, but it's no problem. A computer program scans emails to display ads based on text in email messages. It's about the same technique SPAM blockers use. I've never actually noticed the ads though, but I think I'll start clicking them just to help Google out. I can't wait for Gmessenger and Gchat integrated with Blogger, Orkut, Froogle, Language Tools, Calculator and, of course, Google Search.


Anonymous said...

Bienvenido! I see your post about GMessenger and get your home-blog. So, you can add at your list.

C V said...

I WANT G MAIL! where do i get it?