Friday, January 13, 2006

Excerpt from "Fountains of the Abyss"

Here's an excerpt from the book I'm working on. It's current title is Fountains of the Abyss.

**** Begin Excerpt ****

Scorching pain strays through her body. She manages to lift her torso, bringing her face up off the ground. Emily removes a nugget of asphalt from the gash in her right arm. Her legs strain as they lift her up.
As she pats herself off, Miller's car makes a quick u-turn. Emily panics as she notices the tan vehicle approaching. She turns around in an effort to run away, but her legs won't move. The car comes to a stop beside her. Her brain sends a signal to her
body, again telling her to run. She begins to move, stumbling at first, but eventually gathering grace and speed. An incoherent yell comes from the car. Then, it starts following behind her. Emily knows she won't be able to outrun the vehicle, but is intent on trying. She pivots to the left and grabs on to a fence post. Miller stops. He yells at her out his window. The panic combined with the physical pain make it impossible for Emily to comprehend what he's trying to tell her. She lifts herself up, ready to leap over the fence and dart away, but then she stops. Her foot touches the ground. She clears her mind and looks back at Miller in his car. He obviously would have shot her already if he wanted to, or not have rescued her in the first place.

**** End Excerpt ****

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