Wednesday, April 05, 2006

First Lovington, then....The World!!

Yes, it is my intention to take over the world. However, it's not such an evil thing. For some reason the connotation of world domination is having to do with being corrupt and evil. Perhaps it's Hollywood making movies where the ultimate villain takes over the world, or attempts it.

I'm sure I'll abuse the power of World Emperor some. I'll have nice things and do what I want, but not at the expense of humanity. I'll eventually have myself a Palace on the moon (the picture is an artistic rendition of what a view from inside my Moon Palace would look like). But I plan for my move out to the Moon to be part of semi-retirement. Once I get the World on track and things running smoothly, I'll go to the Moon and rely on regional governors to keep things in order.

I feel that any form of government is only as good as it's leader(s). Would a Republic run by corrupt, evil politicians be better than an Empire led by a good, caring individual?

My grandma's theory is that power corrupts. According to her, nobody can resist it. All politicians are evil, if not yet, they're heading toward it.

By the way, participate in the Photo Caption Contest.

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