Monday, April 17, 2006

People-Hating Christians Part 1

Well, Easter is over. The day Catholics have been waiting for since Ash Wednesday. Finally, they can eat ice cream once more! What did I give up for lent? Catholicism and Christianity in general.

Hopefully everone found all their Jesus eggs. I didn't paint any eggs nor go out searching for any. I guess you could say I boycotted Easter this year.

Why the cynicism?? I know you're not used to cynicism coming from me. But recently I have found that Christians are some of the most hateful people around. Supposedly the one true religion on Earth, the followers of the Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. If they're right, how can they be so wrong?

Perhaps it isn't Christianity that I find myself disliking. Perhaps there is no Christianity anymore, but only people who claim to be its followers. I always thought the Bible mentioned something about loving people and not judging. But I think the predominant Christian belief, or goal I should say is getting into Heaven. Nobody truely seems to care about the philosophy of Christianity. Instead, they only want to get to Heaven. And everyone has their own interpretation of how that is possible.

Imagine being a Jedi. Now stop swinging your arms around and making lightsaber noises. If the Jedi Code told you that you couldn't have family attachments, but say you happen to be close to your brother still despite your training, would you break that off? Most likely not. You would interpret the Code to mean something else, like perhaps it's only referring to romantic family relationships and children of your own. Now, you know that it means what you're doing is wrong. But you can see how it might not. And that leads you to convince yourself it's okay.

Christians do the same thing. When they want to do something, they don't interpret it as a sin, or bad. They find how the Bible could mean something different than what they know. And if there's no way around the interpretation, lucky for you there's confession and forgiveness. Reinforced with the thought that, "Everyone makes mistakes" this can lead to no real concern for right and wrong. While it's most likely true that everyone does indeed make mistakes, it's not an excuse for future behavior.

But this post is named People-Hating Christians for a reason. This deep hatred that Christians have is what annoys me. I wish everyone would care for each other, at least if you don't "love" them you could avoid despising them. Or at least get to know someone before you despise them.

Perhaps it's because we no longer trust. It's sad that as a society we can't trust people. We are people. If we can't trust ourselves, then what does that say about our character? Someone who trusts another is someone that can be trusted.

I grew up a Christian and I know that a Christian should be a kind, caring and loving person. I don't think I've ever seen one though.

Later on, in Part 2 of People-Hating Christians, I'll give you some actual examples of conversations with Christians. And hopefully I'll get some comments and maybe get a discussion going. Stay tuned for the completion of our two part episode, People-Hating Christians.

Disclaimer: I know non-Christians are just as bad. But the thing there is they don't supposedly believe in a philosophy of tolerance, love and kindness. If people who believe in that philosophy can't stop hating, then what hope is there for people who have no problems with hating?

If you really believe in God, then don't be ashamed of Him! Go here and participate in the contest.

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