Thursday, January 11, 2007

I Was High, Dawg

I was chillin' in my crib
Brushing and strokin'
And the urge called to me
So I started pokin'
The needle in my arm
Gave me a joyous retreat
To the clouds in the sky
Damn, man, it was neat.
I soared through the air
Like a common fruit fly
Witnessed it all unfold
Oh, yeah. I was high.

Yeah....I was high.
I was high, dawg.

I woke up and saw
The crap I had painted
It must have all happened
When I had fainted
Watching the news
I was aquainted
With a news man who knew
The paintings were tainted

He spoke of disaster
The disaster was in my art
And my most recent piece
Matched the weather man's chart
I reached for my drugs
There was a pain in my heart
My paintings told the future
And it was falling apart.

Yeah...I was high.
I was high, dawg.


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Anonymous said...

haha lol omgee

Anonymous said...

Yo Dawg! That's Tight lol
yea, i dont make a very good Gangsta I know So Sue me :P

Stoferin said...

For what it's worth, I make a worse gangster than you.