Saturday, January 20, 2007

Wobbley Cheeks and Mr. Nobody

Look! Up in the sky!
Is it a bird? No!
Is it a plane? No!
Actually it is a plane! Oh
Wobbley Cheeks is on it! Whoa!
And Mr. Nobody! So?

He's a time bender
He'll never surrender
Cheats cowboys out
of legal tender
Never in doubt
About his mission
And in addition
He's a space bender
Not a magician
A public defender
Who's on a quest
Which you may have guessed
Is to save the world
So he's doing his best
To find this girl
Who may be the key
And Mr. Nobody
Came along too
He has no ability
He's just like you!

Come on, Wobbley Cheeks
Wobble those cheeks!
Subtitled from Japanese
is how he speaks
Working makes him ill at ease
He doesn't do nine to five
His Sidekick has to drive
When and where he poofs
Isn't under his control
The biggest of his goofs
Took him back six months ago
He'll never forget
The pretty girl he met
At a little delicatessen
Though it made him upset
He learned a tragic lesson
He can't change the past
To protect Charlie's ass.
Can he change the future
to prevent the blast?


Anonymous said...

How many freakin' blogs do you have?!

Clayburn Griffin said...

All of them.