Friday, March 10, 2006


Here's something worth thinking about. This was on another person's blog:

Looking your best for people you don't even know.

Looking your worst for people you care about the most (around your house)

It's an interesting point. We do dress up when we know strangers will see us. We may not even get dressed all day if only our family will see us. It's interesting in that it sounds like it's backwards. But maybe it's not.

I don't think that it has anything to do with wanting to show respect for strangers. But we want them to like us. Strangers will judge us on how we look, as they have little else to go by.

I think it goes deeper than wanting to be liked. It's about being comfortable. True, pajamas are more comfortable, but they are also more intimate. Not having your hair fixed is showing the "real you" as you are upon waking. Exposing this more intimate side of us allowing us to be vulnerable. If you were in your pajamas, talking to a guy in a suit, who would feel in control?

The idea is a lot to do with trust. We trust those closest to us. We can allow ourselves to be vulnerable around them. And they will love us despite our food-stained attire.

The more dressed up you are, the more protected you are. Nakedness is vulnerability. And the spectrum goes from being naked to being in formal attire. Pajamas are down near being nude when it comes to lack of protection. Formal clothing is complex, and gives layers of psychological protection from strangers.

So even though it seems dressing up for strangers and not for loved ones is the wrong idea, it certainly says a lot to let someone see you in your natural state.

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