Thursday, March 23, 2006

Help Wanted

I try to post every weekday, but I haven't been consistent. Hopefully I'll get a system developed so that you can all be entertained for a few minutes everday. This photo caption contest idea might work well. I've got a couple of comments with good captions so far, but more are needed. I've got some other great photos waiting to be posted. I'm working on creating a prize for the photo caption contests. Got any ideas for a prize?

So, from here on, daily posts will be a priority. I could use some help. Comment often and come back to read comments. Also, I've got a couple positions open for Guest Posters. You can, from time to time, post your own entry on my web log when I'm out or unable to post. The pay is great* and it'll be a fun job. Comment or email me if you're interested.

I'm getting a lot of readers according to the page stats. Hopefully I can keep it up. Send me your thoughts and suggestions so I can keep this moderately entertaining, at least. And don't forget to comment a caption for yesterday's post. And comment some ideas for a prize for the contest on todays.

P.S. You don't need a Blogger account to comment (but you should get one anyway). You can comment as 'Anonymous' or with whatever name you type in the box. Use the 'Post a Comment' link to do so, if you don't see it, look for 'Fans of Clayburn'.

*Definition of great in this case being the equivalent of satisfaction from a job charity work, volunteering. The pay is in the job itself.

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