Thursday, March 23, 2006

Marvin's Death

Marvin was finally found in the penultimate place the lawyer looked. It was too late, someone had murdered Marvin. By the look of it, he was still alive when they killed him. It seemed the murderers used a sword to chop him in tiny pieces, then put him back together and shot him in the head two times less than three. The lawyer found a shell. Inside it was an even smaller snail. Beside that was another shell, a .357. Poor Marvin…well he wasn’t rich anyway, not that any of that mattered now, except to his children who won’t inherit much because Marvin was poor. Marvin, Jr. received a phone call in the mail containing an inheritance of three dollars and forty-two cents and a magic bean that was more of a midget potato than a bean and awkwardly colored than it was magic.

Any thoughts?

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