Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Problems with MySpace

It's the biggest one of its kind and probably the worst. I prefer Orkut.com, but there's only about 5 people from all of Lea County on it. So, I have MySpace too, but I don't like it.

This Tom guy is an odd fellow. I get the feeling he'd really rather be doing something else, but doesn't have the guts to get out of his parents' house and go do it.

But, my biggest problem with MySpace right now is the technical bugs. Is Tom running this off his home PC or what? When a website operation outgrows it's original system, the system should be upgraded. There's always sudden outages, sporadic at that. Things should just work. Google understands that, and that's what makes Orkut so much better.

The most appealing thing about Orkut is the style. It has a kind of mellow coolness to it. The features are about the same as MySpace, but they've been worked out to their fullest potential. The Groups idea of MySpace is much larger in Orkut, and they're called Communities. You can also rate all of your friends using Karma points. Giving them three of either or all: smileys (trustworthiness), hearts (sexiness), ice cubes (coolness). The Comments, like in MySpace, are a big part of the user's profile. But they are actually used as comments about the person, not like a discussion forum. They call them testimonials, and you can check out what someone's friends say about them. Another big bonus of Orkut is that you can rank your friends by "havent' met", "aquaintances", "friends", "good friends" or "best friends". That helps in organizing the tons of people you meet online who you don't actually know and those you do know in real life as well. The profiles you'll see on Orkut are more informative than on MySpace. There's a lot of room to talk about yourself and plenty to read about others.

Orkut is definately a better choice, but it needs to grow. Oh, and the cool thing about it is it's by invitation only, so you only get in if you've actually got a friend in it already. Exclusive? Maybe, but it helps with the quality. If you want to try Orkut out, send me a message. Maybe we can move all of MySpace over to Orkut by Christmas.


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