Friday, March 03, 2006

Soap Operas, the Hidden Dangers

Besides being TV Trash, a new theory says that Soap Operas could cause health problems. Do you watch Soap Operas? Enjoy them? Get caught up in the drama?

If you answered yes to those questions, then I bet you are overweight and probably have high blood pressure.

But Soap Operas taste so good! Where's the harm?

The health hazard when it comes to Soap Operas is stress. Stress is a terribly dangerous thing. It can wreak havoc on your health, and it also strains your mind. Soap Operas create a world inside your head filled with stress. There is never a peaceful, tranquil moment in a Soap Opera. And by getting caught up in it, it's as if you're having the stress of everyone's character in the show. Meaning you could have on your mind the stress of going through a break up, having an affair, lusting for a forbidden love, hiding a secret and so much more, all in a single week.

People watching Soap Operas can easily become addicted. They feel like they need something interesting going on in their life, and they get it from TV. This could easily lead to TV addiction, which could keep you from doing much physical activities. Sitting around watching TV every chance you get will make it hard to lose weight. And of course, if you're fat, you're going to stress about it. Especially since it's the fat girl on the TV that never gets someone to love her.

If you find yourself in love with Soap Operas and can't turn away, try not to watch them before bedtime, or watch a silly comedy afterwards. Friends is a bad choice as it contains a lot of elements of a Soap Opera in terms of story arcs. Seinfeld or Family Guy, or even The Simpsons would be the best stress relievers. In Seinfeld, there is always closure (with the exception of a few hour long shows in syndication as two episodes). The story of a Seinfeld episode is done in a manner where it's not at all emotionally dramatic, but fully comedic. And no matter what the circumstances, it all wraps up at the end of the show and you leave happy, smiling and laughing. Family Guy and The Simpsons are cartoons, so you can't feel empathy for the characters as being people ("Oh, no. They shot Bumble Bee Man!" isn't as stressful to you as "She doesn't know Armando is cheating on her!"). Their sense of comedy is also pure humor. Family Guy more so. The Simpsons has some emotional draws from time to time.

The key thing here is stress. The chances are you'll stress out in your life sometime, it's best if you try to reserve stress for important things.


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Anonymous said...

Honestly I think soap operas are a danger to society.

Bad role models, the stress mentioned in the article, presenting constant drama as real life.

Horrible programs.