Thursday, September 21, 2006

Change is for Vending Machines

I'm lucky enough to have a Gmail account, Blogger account and even an Orkut account. These are the best in their fields. I try to share them with everyone and offer to send invitations, but people aren't interested. They already have several emails and have signed up for dozens of those social networking sites, like MySpace.

I would think it would be a good time to organize things. I had a lot of email addresses before, but now I only use my Gmail account for email. It's great. I still have my Hotmail account, but I don't ever check it; I just use it for the Messenger. (And eventually Google Talk will be better than MSN Messenger).

MySpace, as I've said before, sucks. There's a ton of problems. People stick with it because they don't know any better and there's 60 million people using it. Orkut is way better, but not as many people are on it yet because it's by invitation only.

The main problem for Orkut and Gmail is that they would require people changing their ways.

People seem to resist change. The goal in life is to become right and stick with it. If you believe you're right, then any change would be wrong, evil, bad. Of course, being under the false impression you are right is far more destructive than possibly being wrong.

I think most everyone, being the good and humble people they are, would not claim to be perfect. This would imply some (be it miniscule) room for improvement. So it seems to me that the goal would be to improve. Yet to improve, you must change. Without change, you'll only be as good as you are now and with the rate of inflation, you'll be pretty much worthless in a few months.

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