Wednesday, September 20, 2006


There's this guy, his name is Randy, but he's not important. What IS important is that he has a web log that I occasionally find worth reading. The problem is he does it all in html, so his web log is a single web page. This makes it difficult for me to refer you to a specific entry.

Randy has talked about some design changes, but I think he's somewhat of a procrastinator. If he was a troubled teen, he'd come to his 20th Class Reunion and shoot everyone. Hopefully I can convince him to get a little design implemented into his web log. I think that he enjoys the artistic quality of being nothing more than black text on a white page.

When I'm done with this blabber, I plan to give you the link to his website. (It can also be found on the right side of my web log, no, your other right, yeah, that's it. But pay attention to this post, don't click it yet!)

I first want to say that I think there might be some interesting interactivity between our web logs. While I can't promise you it'll be interesting, I can promise you it'll be something. So be sure to check out each of our web logs daily.

Here it is, the friggin' link: (formerly

Clicking here opens it in a NEW (and improved) window!


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