Monday, September 25, 2006

Why Believe?

Nobody seems to know how to live life themselves. I suppose it's natural to seek out mentors, to find people who have lived life and learn from them. However, today people seem to throw themselves blindly at anything that's been around for a while.

Growing up in America, the obvious way to live life is that of a good Christian. However, when one realizes that doesn't cut it for them, they seek out other ways. Sometimes they can't give up their Christian beliefs, not because of their faith, but because having faith is right, has been right for so long, and doing so would be wrong. We can never be wrong.

Some people seek out other religions, the most common for Americans is Buddhism. It seems right. We see Buddhist monks walking around without a care in the world. They are much more devoted than Christians. They must be right.

We spend a great deal of our time wondering what is right, where is right. However, instead of developing right on our own, creating it for ourselves, we use what others have found to be right. When you have faith in God, whom do you really have faith in? The authors of the Bible. The pastor at your church. Your own parents. You can't trust me to ask you about your day, but you trust them when they tell you how it is.

"How was your day?"

"Why do you want to know?"

"The Bible is God's word."

"Oh, ok. Can we commence with the killing of the Muslims?"

(Yes, that was hyperbole.)

Why? Such a terrible word. It has its uses, its purpose, but today it is way overplayed. When somebody tells me they want to be a writer, or that they enjoy writing, I don't ask them why. I trust them. I usually figure the reason is they need an outlet to spout their wisdom to the ignorant masses. But why doesn't matter. They like to write, they should write. They must follow their bliss.

Religion teaches us to follow God's bliss, yet we can't ask him why. We have to trust and have faith. The problem with living your life for God is it's not doing anything for you. If I offered you a candy bar to never write again, would you take it? Sure, you'd be giving up your life's bliss, but after it's over, you get a candy bar! Wait, a candy bar doesn't compare to an enternity of bliss? Alright then, when you die, I'll give you an enternity of bliss if you never write ever again. Deal? Great.

I think instead of wondering who's right and wrong, we should wonder whose life is ours. I believe that if people know which life they're in control of and who's in control of their life, they'll do a much better job of living.

Why do we write? To tell others how to live their lives. Why do we believe? To be told how to live our lives.

Fighting the Narrow Mind,

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