Thursday, September 14, 2006

In Your Eyes

In your eyes
I'm reminded of our tragic lives. Sitting, rowing.
Fishing to survive.
Why did we leave?
I suppose we chose to be naive.

In your eyes
I see the remnants of our great fortune,
Like the diamonds I bought you, sparkling in the sun.
Hired help won't help us now.
And what was money anyhow?
It did not save us, now that's obvious.

In your eyes
I sense the glamorous social boon.
We had obtained it without knowing it would lead to doom.
Talking and joking; Laughing and smiling.
What ever did it mean?
Jokingly faking; Laughs beguiling.

In your eyes
I know the goodness of our so-called souls. Charitable deeds that greatly pleased those who sought to judge.
If we took, we gave. Properly we would behave.
But now who cares?
They still disdain us. My, how they hate us.

In your eyes
I enjoy the wonderful tragedy of our lives, the only life I want to live.
Floating atop the dark abyss, our love, our raft persists.
Is this good enough?
Enough to make small stuff vanish, like true love they all sought to banish.

In your eyes
I feel our epic descent's lovely pain.
Perhaps our passion was a poisoned potion, ensuring our deaths out on the ocean.
Would I make that mistake again?
Gladly again and endlessly,
for in your eyes
reflects me
looking in your eyes happily.

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Anonymous said...

Clayburn, sorry it took so long for me to get to this. I actually really like this poem. Very good. I, however, think you chose a bad picture to follow it up. Good work though.