Tuesday, September 19, 2006

The Institute

When you read any of my posts, do comment on them. I'd like criticism of any sort. My goal is to revise much of my work in hopes of making it better, so let me know your thoughts.

I walked in the building and stared at the walls

Power was here in this place, within it all

With grains of knowledge and truth and majesty

Came the beautiful sirens' sweet calls

Doing their deeds brought me wealth and love

Especially from the great mystery above

The people all seemed to know and agree

With all of the thoughts I was thinking of

My ultimate task came with much anticipation

Yet it led ultimately to my moral dissipation

After feuding against the angst within me

I settled against the evil temptation

And yet when I returned to my beloved institute

I found the foundation quite resolute

They looked upon me as a common gypsy

I was said to be flawed and ill repute

My mind was estranged much to its remorse

And my heart was uncertain in its course

Realization came intuitively

That Evil is here, the system's its source

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