Wednesday, September 06, 2006

The Word of the Day

Some people like to sign up for those "Word of the Day" things. They get a new word in their email everyday, or it's displayed on their start page. I don't mind learning new ones from time to time, but I don't need a website to tell me what the word of the day is.

I'd much rather make up my own words. Coinage is fun! So, today I'm going to post a few words of the day. Use them in sentences and you can splendicate yourself to your friends!

Sophistocrat - A pretentious, and stereotypical, member of societies upper-class. Often seen wearing a top hat. Let's tar and feather that sophistocrat!

Pundicity - Capacity for using puns, humorously and appropriately. He's been reading the dictionary to improve his pundicity.

Splendicate - An act of instilling a feeling that something (or someone) is splendid. Often used to imply devious means, such as propaganda. I tell people my house is worth $195,000 to splendicate it, and myself.

Spit - Slang for shit. He be all crazy an' spit

Got some words of your own? Comment them.

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