Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Battle of Being

Moments ago I would have bravely ventured into the room slaying the demons that await me. However, now I know that among them waits Cornelda. She was my lover, long ago. Though that is not the reason for my cowardly hesitation. I know her too well. I know her capabilities and talents. She could kill me in a second with only a finger.

It's not difficult to fight something you once loved. The difficulty is in fighting all the qualities within it which caused that love. Strength, virtue, intelligence, charisma, intrigue and more. Everything which had made her so perfect in my mind is waiting with her on the other side of that door.

But it is too late to turn back. The path behind me had been set ablaze by the destruction I caused. I had fought a tough and dirty fight for these demons, with these demons, as a demon myself. And now they have turned on me. Their quarrel is no longer with the winged vixens. They are no more, thanks to me. I am now their enemy.

I can see the pain and suffering I brought about behind me. I realize that is what awaits me inside this room. Some would say that it's a befitting end. An eye for an eye, as the maxim goes. Though I believe it would be unfair. I haven't enough eyes to pay for the righteous wrong I've done.

Even when faced with only one choice I find it hard to make up my mind. Decisions should be left to the prophets. Yet they are all inside the room, with a prevision of my death at their hands.

"Forgive them," a voice whispers. I turn around to see only decaying death. "Forgive them," the voice repeats, "As we forgive you."

I see a small, bluish light amidst the redish black pyre and yell at it, "Liar!" While it's true that I regret my lethal actions, I do not respect those who fell. They had gotten what they had deserved. Their many lies and well-intentioned injustices had caught up to them. And now they claim to forgive me. Yet I can feel their dishonesty, their hidden hatred within their charred hearts. "You do not forgive me," I roar at the beacon of blue. "And neither will they!"

With my sword raised high I charge into the room.


Anonymous said...

you are an awsome writer!

Clayburn Griffin said...

I know, huh.

It's amazing.

Anonymous said...

that was great! I would like to read more.
Sarah :)

Robocop said...

Sounds like a dream I once had. What a great dream it was. Of course, I destroyed all the unlawful demons.

Anonymous said...

Your an excellent writer.

Anonymous said...

heyy! wow. thats so good! awesome writer...thats what you are!

Anonymous said...

Wow, I didn't know you wrote. You do a great job. I really liked it.