Monday, October 16, 2006

Does Clayburn Have Depression?

Have you lost interest in your favourite hobbies and sports - or - are you spending increased amounts of time on them almost compulsively?
It's back and forth. I'll go a long time without doing anything that could be considered a hobby of mine, then one weekend it's all I do.

Do you feel sad often for no reason at all - or - very irritable?
No. I don't think I'm ever irritable. I'm usually really positive. But I do get sad, but with reason. I have dreams often were I am irritable and I often cuss someone out or beat them with a bat.

Have you lost enjoyment in spending time with family and friends?
No. I enjoy spending time with family and friends. I don't spend much time with them though. I don't have friends. I see my sister every once in a while. I eat lunch with my dad nearly everyday and I see my grandma usually once a week.

Have you lost your appetite - or - have been overeating almost compulsively?
No. I'm trying to watch my eating, but it's not helping. I want to eat less more often, but I still tend to have no more than three meals a day and at least one is huge. I also have a problem with eating before bedtime sometimes. Just FIY or something.

Is it hard to get to sleep and your sleep is restless and broken - or are you feeling so tired that you want to sleep all the time?
I fall asleep easy usually. I like to sleep. I don't think I'm ever feeling tired. I just have to go to sleep so I can maybe wake up earlier or easier.

Have you lost interest in sex - or - have become very preoccupied by it?
Hmm...I don't know. I guess neither.

Do you feel worthless, guilty, or that you are a burden to your family?

Are you thinking about death or suicide or about harming yourself?
Oddly, it seems like it. But I could never do it. So it's more like I think I should consider killing myself, but I know I couldn't do it.

Do you have trouble concentrating making decisions?

Do you feel extremely tired and have you lost all your energy?
Maybe. I'm not very energetic. But I don't feel tired. I think if need be I could summon up energy, but I don't have much to do.

So, it seems like I don't have Depression. I'm happy about that, I guess. Here's the test to see if I have Mania. Sounds more my style. Though I think whatever I have would start with psych.

Do you have persistent "highs" - or - persistent irritable moods?
I get some really awesome highs every once in a while. And I have some lows too. But usually I feel stuck in between.

Do you feel you have boundless energy but have little need or desire to sleep?
I'd love to stay up all night. But I love sleep, so eventually I'd sleep a lot. Since I have work in the morning, I go to sleep early.

Do your thoughts race?
I had one in Nascar, but it didn't do very well. It crashed and burned on the first lap.
I don't think my thoughts race. I don't know.

Does your speech feel "pressured" like you can't get the words out fast enough?

Are you making decisions too fast often without realizing the dangerous or painful consequences involved?

Has your interest in sex increased greatly?

Well, this seems to imply that I'm not depressed or have mania. What are your thoughts on my ailment? Any disorders for which I should test myself?

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