Saturday, October 21, 2006

Wishing for More

I have a home
With a roof and heat.
I have warm clothes
And shoes on my feet.
I have a TV and
A computer as well.
I have stuff to use
For a garage sale.
I have great things,
This is for sure,
But I lie here in bed
Wishing for more.
I have video games
And music CDs.
I have money for spending
And I do it with ease.
I have a car
That gets me from A to B.
Yet this stuff still
Doesn’t satisfy me.
There’s something missing.
What it is, I’m not sure.
But I lie here in bed,
Wishing for more.
I don’t have a lady.
I don’t have a wife.
Could that be what is
Missing from my life?
I know lots of girls
That are nice and fun.
But I have not found
THE girl….the one.
That’s the reason;
I am quite sure
That I lie here in bed
Wishing for more.

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