Sunday, October 01, 2006

My Last Dentist

As I wait in the chair
Quite nervous indeed.
Feeling comfort and care
I begin to read.
When the lady approaches
And calls out my name
Shiver runs down my spine;
I regret that I came.
Following the herald
My hands start to sweat.
She says, “Sit patiently;
Doctor’s not here yet.”
As I wait in fear
I think about how
I’ll breath safely and live,
But the Dentist comes now.
My head goes back
And it seems okay,
But worry still exists
In my mind as I lay.
My mouth wide open
And me close to death
I concentrate hard
To steady my breath.
Air entering my nose
And leaving it too;
Careful not to drown,
Careful not to lose.
“Open wide,” Doc says
And I ignorantly comply
Even though I know
I could possibly die.
My nose a bit stuffy,
Mouth too full;
Then all of a sudden a slip
Of the dentist tool.
Sharp pain in my gums,
Like a drill to a cavity,
It’s the stimulus
That will eradicate me
There is no air.
Breathing is no use.
Life being pulled
Like a bad tooth.
Lungs fill with water,
And plaque, and so this
Is my last visit,
My last dentist.

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