Sunday, October 22, 2006

It's What They Say

The sad truth is that I have nothing on my mind that can be well-written into a meaningful web log post. Therefore, I have decided to post a picture, using the cliché that it is equivalent to one thousand words. Of course, these are the words it’s equal to. Basically, it’s just telling you what I’m telling you now. I’m sure you could have probably figured it out on your own. It’s somewhat obvious. I mean, I post every day, yet all of a sudden I have nothing more than a picture of some random whatever. Sure, it’s pretty. But what isn’t? I could have posted a picture of anything and said it speaks one thousand words. And it would. It would speak these words I’m writing now. I’ve barely passed one hundred at this point. This doesn’t compare at all to a picture. Right now we’re at twenty percent of the value of a picture. I do wonder though, if a picture is worth a thousand words, why do some people still find value in books? Most movies are around one hundred and twenty minutes. That’s seven thousand and two hundred seconds. That means there are one hundred seventy-two thousand and eight hundred frames in the movie. A thousand words for each of those frames is quite a handful of frames, to be sure. Yet books don’t have that many words. So, one could argue that movies have way more worth than books. I feel that it’s a lot easier to paint a picture with a brush than it is to paint a picture with words. As you can clearly tell by this post, words aren’t all they’re cracked up to be, and neither are some pictures. I’m approaching three hundred words right now and still have seven hundred to go. To be exact “go” was number three hundred and two. That’s a lot of words. But it’s nothing compared to a single picture. In fact, I’m thinking about giving up on this post right now. One thousand words? That’s way too many for me to type in a single day. Although, I am good at sacrificing quality in favor of quantity. Perhaps if I keep typing out things as if I had something to say I would quickly reach one thousand. No? You’re probably right. I could use something that is easy to write and has a ton of words in it. Unfortunately, I don’t know of anything. I could just go with some random sentences. Carrots once elected a potato as their President. Have you smoked a kidney and then realized it wasn’t yours? If monkeys are green, why aren’t they fuel efficient? Randomness leads to down-syndrome. That’s not random, it’s just true. Though random could be true, I suppose. You can’t actually separate the two, truthiness and randomness. But if I said something like, “Mark flaps his wings toward the east” you could say that’s false. Especially if you could show me Mark flapping his wings toward any other direction than the east, such as west, north, south, southwest, northwest, eastwest, northeast or southeast. Guess what? I’m a little over half way there. That’s crazy. I’m sure nobody has made it this far, yet I continue on with the post. It would have been easier to just look at a picture. You could have already closed the browser window and moved on to more important things, like your banking. You should check your credit card and checking accounts online often. At least once a day. It helps you to prevent fraudulent charges, or at least dispute them in time. And maybe when you see your balance approaching zero, it will encourage you to make something of your life. I know I’m a bum most of the day, but when I see my checking account statement, I say to myself, “Tomorrow I’m going to do something with my life and make a ton of money,” and tomorrow I forget about that, until I see my checking account balance and repeat it in my head. Sometimes I say it aloud. I think this is turning out to prove that one thousand words doesn’t mean much. Sort of like what Mr. Rall would always say, “Practice doesn’t make perfect. Perfect practice makes perfect.” Consider all these words imperfect. They aren’t worth much, huh? Yet still, a picture is worth the same. I would say that my picture which I post today is worth more than a thousand words. It’s a much better picture than the one Randy posted, for example. So I’m going to say that it’s worth one thousand and two words. I know you’re thinking, “Why not say one thousand and three?” Well, it’s not worth THAT much. I mean, it’s just a picture. Have a look for yourself. Would you say it’s worth one thousand and three words? I doubt it. It’s worth one thousand and two. That’s still more than Randy’s picture is worth. But now I’m confused. Does that mean I should write one thousand and two words or only one thousand? If I write one thousand and two words, it would give you something to compare the value of it with. However, if I only type one thousand, then you can still compare values and realize that the picture is worth two words more. I think I’ll go with my original plan of one thousand words. I don’t have that far to go now. So, I guess I’ll go back to some randomness while we wait. Don’t fly too far from your computer speakers or you won’t hear when it’s time to come down. Homes are like skunks but sometimes not as smelly. Spit the fairy in the nose. Here’s one for Randy: we can awesome! Whatever I put here doesn’t matter because most people have already tuned out. But it’s the end! Yes, I’m here. This is worth the same as Randy’s picture. My picture is worth two more words. Cue picture!

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