Friday, October 20, 2006

Look It

If you're like me, you have a lot of free time on your hands and are too lethargic to do anything productive. So you're probably wondering to yourself what you should be watching on TV this season. Luckily you don't have to wonder any longer. I'll tell you what to watch. And what not to watch.

What to watch:

The Office - This is probably the best comedy, still running, on TV. Oddly enough, it's way better than the original on British television. Those English pig-dogs used to be funny, but it seems their ideas need to be Americanized to have humor now. There are some strong emotional elements and even morals to some episodes. Despite this the comedy is still of amazing quality.

My Name is Earl - A very funny show. It's more about something than it is about comedy. Every episode wraps up a handful of mini-stories into a lovely bouquet of happiness. It's like Seinfeld with morals.

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart - Pure genius. Not only is this show incredibly funny, it is also very witty. There seems to be a general following among liberal, pseudo-intellectual college students. They seem to enjoy the feeling of being in the choir that they perceive the show as preaching to. I'd say that most of them are probably more "enlightened" than the viewers of regular news shows. But they are probably falling victim to the Counter-Culture Mechanism, which I think I made up, so I'll define later on in a post.

The Colbert Report - Purer Geniuser. This show is the best on the air.

Twenty Good Years - Delightfully funny. I watched this show because it was on after 30 Rock. But this turned out to be gold. The two characters are hilariously quirky and I feel I can relate to each.

Saturday Night Live - A classic. Entertaining, usually witty. And there's definately music.

Seinfeld Reruns - The new stuff doesn't compare to the Greatest TV Show Ever.

1 VS 100 - An interesting game show. However, the questions are way too easy. I'm going to tune in tonight and hope for some challenging ones. I think they'll probably get harder closer to the Million Dollar Prize.

Heroes - I haven't watched this. The commercials make me want to watch. I'm going to catch up on the series this Sunday. NBC will be re-airing three episodes.

The Amazing Race - This is probably the best reality show on the air. Survivor has taken a big dive in quality this year. The Amazing Race is always suspenseful, entertaining and emotional. Sometimes there are comical moments.

What not to watch:

Deal or No Deal - Oh, this is so stupid. Howie, please, make it stop!

Soap Operas - The Hidden Dangers

Happy Hour - This show is for stupid youth.

30 Rock - I don't know if this show is really terrible or if it's mostly due to my disappointment. It seemed like 30 Rock would be a great show. Yet it is boring, the jokes are stale and it's overly NBC.

Survivor - Like I said, Survivor has taken a big dive in quality. Maybe it was gradual, I just didnt' realize how far they sunk until now.

Friends Reruns - They weren't good when they first aired. So what are you expecting?

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